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Yo-yo Tricks

I cuurently own 5 or 6 yo-yo's. These are:
Duncan Imperial
Duncan Butterfly
Duncan Neon
Duncan Proffesional
Yomega Brain
This is a list of all the tricks that I can do. Some were already invented and some were made by myself.
M=Made up by me


Make your wrist so that it is facing upwards. Now curl up your arm and throw the yo-yo down. If you leave it there and do not move it will stay spinning. Give it a gentle tug to bring it back up.

Around The World-B

Hold the yo-yo in your hand with your palm face down. Now throw it in a circle, and when it comes back pull it in. You could also do it multiple times in a row (my max is 3).


Just throw the yo-yo like a sleeper but instead of leaving it spinning pull the yo-yo back up.

Forward Pass-B

Have your palm facing down. Now just throw the yo-yo forward and it will come back to you after it has touched the end of the string.

Walk The Dog-B

Throw a good sleeper. Now just let the yo-yo touch the ground and it will roll forward. Tug on it to bring the yo-yo back up.


Do a normal walk the dog, except do it on a wrinkled piece of paper. This should make a sawing type sound.

Astro Loops-B

Do a forward pass except that when the yo-yo comes back flick your wrist so that it goes out again. When it comes back you can either catch it or try it again. Pros can get hundreds of loops.

Hop The Fence-B

Do a throwdown but instead of catching the yo-yo flick your wrist so that It goes over your hand. After that you can cath it or do another hop.

The Dog Escaped!-B-M

For this trick only hold the yo-yo string. Throw a walk the dog, the let go of the string and the yo-yo will roll really fast.

Rock The Cradle-I

Throw a sleeper. Then, with the non-yo-yo hand grab the string at about the middle. Then, bring the string up to your yo-yo-hand and grab it. It should now look like a cradle. Make the yo-yo swing through it then drop the yo-yo and it will come back up.

Chicken Wings-B-M

Throw a sleeper. Then with your yo-yo-arm, lift your elbow and drape the string over it. Then, tug the yo-yo and it will come up over your arm then down, and when it comes up catch it. This may sound hard but this is actually quite an easy trick.

Sleep Into A Forwards Around The World-I-M

Throw a very light sleeper. Then swing the yo-yo back behind you. Then when it is about a foot behind you tug on the yo-yo. It will then (if you did this right) go over and in front of you. Then it will fall and when it comes back up cath it. It often does not have enough energy to comeback up so pull.

Soar Over The Fence-I-M

Do a throwdown. But when the yo-yo comes back up do not catch it. Instead Do an around the world. When that is done let it go down and when it gets back up do a forward pass and when it gets back do as many astro loops as you can. (if you want even more of a challenge do a couple around the world's after the astro loop.)

Scorpion Strike-B-M

Throw a sleeper. Then put the yo-yo (while spinning) behind you. Now put in between your legs behind you. After this give the yo-yo a tug and it should come up over you (you need a very strong sleeper for this one; give it a little help over you if it needs any.)