Tactics for an Ultramarine Army

Playing the game is one thing. Winning is another. In order to win, you must have tactics. Tactics can be anything from sit back and shoot to get in hand-to-hand or let support weapons do the dirty work. This section should at least help you a little toward your ultimate victory.

There are many different tactics with Ultramarines, one is defense. Defense is where you get as many devastator squads as possible and wait for the enemy to come closer and then blast away. Try to start the devastators behind cover so it will be harder for the enemy to return fire. Also, deploying an assault squad is a must if the enemy also has major heavy weapons. Make the assault squad go up into HTH with the heavy weapons so the devastators won't get killed as easy.

Offensive is another great tactic, especially if the enemy has allot of basic to heavy weapons troopers. Take allot of assault squads and jump pack into the enemies lines. Also buy one squad of devastators to weaken the enemy and to prevent the assault squads from being killed. A scout squad is good for pestering the enemy into distracting its fire at them instead of the assault marines.

Heavy armour assault is an excellent tactic that shouldn't be missed. Deploy a land raider as well as some rhinos, maybe a whirlwind and a dreadnought. These fast vehicles should advance toward the enemy (probably at combat speed) while firing. This, however, is not a great tactic if you were playing on a battlefield with a whole lot of terrain where the tanks would easily get stuck and wouldn't get to take maximum advantage of its weapons.

Another good tactic is the bike attack. The way to do this is just to field as many possible bike squadrons as possible and just hit and run. This tactic is fun and very pleasing.

Overwhelming is mentioned here but not a very great tactic for Ultramarines because most troops are too expensive. However, if you really wanted to do this you would buy lots and lots of scouts.

A guerilla war can be great fun and turns out to be a good tactic. What you do is buy scouts with needls sniper rifles and start them in a place where they can shoot at the enemy but are hiding and can't be seen (i.e. in hedges or woods). Also buy a squad of devastators to provide heavy fire and a squad of terminators for absorbing all the hits.

Well this is it for now. I hope to have more up in the future. You can mail me for some more tactics to post.
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