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This is a solo adventure that you play by yourself. I have converted an adventure I normally DM into a solo adventure. This adventure is set in the world of Dalaria, my very own made up campaign. Ok, the story so far: In the local Black Spider Inn a pompus, rugged man waddles up towards you. "You look like the adventure type", he exclaims. "We need you to do a duty to this fair town Azraeel. Will you please sign here______. (Im assuming you sign the document, and if you are picky about what it says it says: 'You will undergo a dangerous adventure to reclaim the magical gem that Magemorn has stolen. If he is not stopped soon he will wreak havoc upon the town. If you will venture deep into his lair and bring the gem back with you you will fairly recieve 112 GP.') "Now, fair adventurer, be off with you!"
You venture into the forest nearby.