My Explanation Of Role Playing Games

Role playing games (rpg's) are a type of game that you use your imagination e extensively. One player is the Game Master (GM). This person tells a story and plays all the non player characters (npc's). Npc's are characters that the players will encounter in the course of an adventure. These npc's are characters that the player's will talk to and get help from often. You see, the DM tells the story and every other player envisions him/herself in this world playing as a made up character. Well, your'e probably thinking "Why do you buy these games if all you have to do is make up a story?" or "What's the difference between different rpg's?". Well you see certain actions require a roll of the dice to see if they are accomplished. These games give the rules for actions taken. For example: "you are sent here on a rescue mission by the high king to save his daughter, the princess. She is in the right wing of the windy dark castle known as Grimlore. Slowly and cautiously you walk up to the castle. Suddenly the ground caves in under you. Make a roll on luck. Checking the book you woul probably have to roll a 4 or higher on a six sided die. This is my explanation of a rpg. Please E-mail me if you have any questions or comments.

Some RPG Sites

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