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Nerf Tactics

I love the game of nerf guns. I love it for many reasons. However, one reason is that its a sport I'm good at, and I'm good at it because I use tactics. You see, withput tactics your team is in confusion and dismay so you are going to lose. To help you, I have posted some tactics below.

Indoor Tactics

1.Guns are very effective indoors, so use that to your advantage.
2.Range doesn't count for much indoors, so don't hesitate to use a short ranged gun.
3.Try to use guns with high rate of fires, as you don't have much time to reload.
4.Don't just sit out in the open, hide behind something.
5.Wait behind corners for enemies.
6.If there are more than one door in the room, have your teammates secure the other ones.
7.If there is a refrigerator or similarly tall object in the house, you can climb on top of that and snipe.
8.Always carry two guns, and have the second one cocked and ready.

Outdoor Tactics

1.Try to pick the enemy off at long ranges before they get to you.
2.For doing the above of course you will need a long range gun.
3.When in a fort have a man with a rapid fire gun to support a man with a long-range gun.
4.Try to stay together as a team, eliminating everyone as you go by.
5.If the above doesn't work, divide your team to surround the enemy.
6.If your'e sick of getting shot down in the first two seconds, try to go on defense and stay behind cover.
7.In order to not get picked off, move from one piece of terrain to another.
8.Send one sniper out and leave one or two defenseman at a base while the rest of the team are attackers.
9.Snipers should find a densely wooded are or climb up a tree.
10.Snipers should wear camouflage, especially in dense woods.
11.Always keep an extra sidearm cocked in case an enemy runs at you.
12.Make up a war chant and yell it out, as it will inspire fear into your enemies hearts.
13.Constantly be moving around as it is harder to hit a moving target.
14.Occasionally it will be good to fall to the ground on your belly, as it is harder for an enemy to hit you that way.
15.When another team member is engaged with the enemy hunt the enemy down, as he is not prepared.
16.Do not use up all your ammo immediately, as you will quickly be chased down.
17.Try to find a passageway leading to an enemies base that they aren't expecting.
18.Develop different team formations, and change them every time.
19.Put the people with rapid-fire guns in the front, and the one-shot long range guns in the back.

User Submitted Tactics

None as of yet, but send me them at