My Army

The army I play and collect are the Ultramarines. The reason I picked Ultramarines was because the boxed set with the rules in them came with two armies: the space marines and the orks. Well I wanted to have a base for my guys and wanted to start off with one of the armies from the set to start with. Well space marines looked cooler and were generally more appealing than that of the orks. So I decided space marines. Well the marines were meant to be Blood Angels but since my favoritye color was blue I decided to use Ultramarines. Besides, the Ultramarines' name was cooler. Ok enough with that prattle, here's my army.

Since I'm new to the game (played for one year) my army is quite small but I am constantly expanding. So far I have the following models:

Five tactical squads (4 with 10 marines, 1 with 5 marines)

One devastator squad (2 heavy bolters, plasma cannon, missile launcher, seargeant)

One librarian with force sword and plasma pistol

One captain with power fist and plasma pistol, iron halo and artificer armor

One terminator squad (4 with power fists and storm bolters, 1 with power sword and storm bolter, 1 with power fist and assault cannon)

One dreadnought with assault cannon and power fist with built-in storm bolter

Two landspeeders (1 with heavy bolter, 1 with multi-melta)

I am trying to get a squad on bikes, and after that some sort of tank (whirlwind, landraider). Once I get my scanner to work I will have pictures up.
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