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I have compiled a monster table so that you can quickly roll one up. ok, roll 4d6 and consult the table below. For treasure roll 1d6. If you roll the # under treasure then roll on the treasure table.

4- Slime Monster MR- 25 Treasure- 1 If the slime monster gets 5 or more hits on your armor (if you have any) then your armor can take half damage for the remainder of the game due to the slime detereorating your armor.

5- Ghost Ninja MR- 20 Treasure- 1-3 Only adventurers with an I.Q. of 15 or higher may attack the ghost ninja.

6- Crust Creature MR- 15 Treasure- 1-2 Its crust body acts as natural armor which can sustain 10 hits.

7- Vampire MR- 25 Treasure- 1 If the vampire does damage make a L1SR on LK. If failed take x2 damage.

8- Yetti MR- 60 Treasure- 1-2

9- Assasin MR- 18 Treasure- 1-3 Before combat begins the assasin gets 1d6 free damage disregarding armor because of its assasin abilities.

10- Mushroom Monster MR- 30 Treasure- 1-5 (Note: you must always roll on my mushroom monster reaction chart.) Reaction Chart:(roll 1d6) 1-3: the monster becomes friendly and becomes a member of your party. 4: roll 1d6. on a roll of 5 or 6 it will attack, otherwise it flees. 5: roll 1d6. If any # but a 1 is rolled it will attack. 6: automatic attack. They speak Common language.

11- Deformed Alligator MR- 23 Treasure- None If the deformed alligator gets a hit on an adventurer roll 1d6. 1-3: nothing happens. 4-6: you become deformed. Your I.Q. and DEX ar halfed for 5 turns, and then you grow back into place.

12- Orc MR- 22 Treasure- 1-4

13- Dark Warrior MR- Special Treasure- 1-5 He has no MR instead has 26 hits, uses a Great Axe (5 dice + 3 adds) and uses Leather Armor (6 hits) therefore when he is hit this won't affect his combat.

14- Troll STR- 50 CON- 25 Treasure- 1-5

15- Skeleton Warrior MR- 18 Treasure- 1-4 Roll 1d6. That is the # of times it must be killed before it is completely dead. If killed by a magic attack it will not come alive again.

16-Stone Elemental MR- 40 Treasure- 1-3 Uses Stone as a natural armor with a rating of 15. if the stone elemental is undamaged the previous turn it may do a bash attack where it uses 7 dice, and using normal adds.

17- Mud Pit Monster MR-29 Treasure- None Whenever a mud pit monster is rolled a mud pit appears and it immediatly pops out. Make a L1SR on LK. If you miss you fall into the mud pit and half your combat total.

18- Dragon MR- 100 Treasure- Automatic and and if rolled for what type of coins it will automaticaly be gold, and for # of coins roll 4d6x10.

19- Giant Insect MR- 17 Treasure- 1 If hit by a giant insect make a L1SR on LK. If failed you become an insect with an MR of 17 and immediatly attack your team members. Magic may turn you back.

20- Cyclops MR- 48 Make a L2SR on LK every combat round. If failed you may not attack that combat round due to fear by the monsters menacing eye.

21- Werewolf MR- 22 Treasure- None Roll a die. The # is how many werewolves you must kill. Make a L1SR on LK. If failed take 2/3 off of I.Q. for the rest of the game.

22- Randag Treasure- None The first combat round it attacks with one of its 7 heads with an MR of 15. Every combat round after that add 1 head until all 7 heads are attacking.

23- Gigantic Snake MR- 18 Treasure- 1 Roll a die. 1-3: poisonous. 4-6: nonpoisonous. If hit by a poisonous snake STR is halfed for the remainder of the adventure.

24- Fire Warrior MR- 33 Treasure- None If hiot by missile or melee weapons damage is halfed. Magic affects it normally.