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A Page On Bros.

Mario Bros. has been around ever since Atari was invented. On every new Nintendo system there is at least one Mario Bros. game. I'm sorry to say that I think Mario Bros. is fading away. I've always been a major fan of Mario Bros. I think the best Mario game out is probably Super Mario Allstars.


Nintendo 64

Mario Vs. Luigi

I like Mario better than Luigi. Its just something about him I like. Well anyway please email me about who you like better. So far:


votes for Luigi


votes for Mario

The COMPLETE List Of ALL The Mario Games!

The COMPLETE List Of ALL The Items!

Why On Earth Is He Called Toad?

Yes, the legendary question of why this strange mushroom creature would have the name of Toad. Well, Im going to try to put up as many answers as I can but I need your help, so please email me with some answers. So far we have:
1.His color vaquely resembles that of a toad.
2.His ancestors were toads.
3.His parents always thought having the name of an amphibian for a son would be cool.
4.He was born in the water and then went on land to live.

The COMPLETE List Of ALL The Enemies!

The Fabulous Mario Sounds/Downloads


Mario Music 1
Mario Music 2
"Do The Mario" Theme Song
Bowser's Castle Theme


Download Donkey Kong
In Case You Dont Have It, Download Winzip Here


Super Mario Bros.-

When you get a game over hold A button and press Start on the title screen. This enables you to continue playing from the world you left off in.

Super Mario 64-

Enter Course 10: Snowman's Land. Let yourself be blown off of Giant Snowman Mountain (your cap will fly off). Once the cap gets blown off you can warp between the 2 trees. Every time you do this a cap will appear on top of another one. If you get the cap a second cap will appear on the ground. Picking this up will make Mario hold the cap until he exits the level.

Super Mario Kart-

(1) On the Player Select screen, highlight your driver and simultaneously press Y and A. The only way to change back during a race is to hit a mushroom dropped by the Princess. (WARNING: Does not work in Battle Mode or Time Trials.) (2) Enter the Time Trials and select your racer. Then push Left on your controller to move the cursor beside "Mushroom Cup." Then press L, R, L, R, L, L, R, R and A. You should see "Special Cup" appear below "Star Cup." (3) On Controller 1, begin a one-player Time Trial. When you come to the driver select screen, press Start on Controller 2. Select a driver with Controller 2, and then select a driver with Controller 1. Begin the race by pressing Start on Controller 1, and you will be racing against a CPU player. (4) Hold L and R while you select a one-player game in Grand Prix mode. Select your class, driver, and track. Begin your race, and you will be at the bottom of the screen. (5) If you finish three races in the same place, you'll earn an extra continue.

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