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Item List


This list contains most EVERY Mario item in any Mario game, and it's description. It also lists what

games the item is in. For instance, 1-up Mushroom (SMB+ [-SML]) means the 1-up mushroom is

in every game from Super Mario Bros. afterward, except for Super Mario Land. In the item

descriptions, "you" and "Mario" are used interchangably. If you can't find an item under it's letter,

check it's section (e.g. Super Mushroom is under M for mushrooms) Currently, the list features items

from ALL major games (SMB1-3, SMW, YI, SM64 and SML1-3). Soon, it may have the DK's

and Mario Bros.'s items. Anything missing/wrong/typo? E-mail me about it, PLEASE.

Current Item Count:58





1-up Heart: Gives you one extra life (SML)

3-up Moon: Gives you three extra lives (SMW)

10-point star: Gives you 10-stars(YI)

20-point star: Gives you 20-stars (YI)




Anchor: Keeps the Airships in place after losing to them. (SMB3)






Green berry: 2 Gives you extra time to complete the level (SMW)

Pink Berry: 3 creates a coin producing cloud (SMW)

Red Berry: 10 hatches a Mushroom (SMW)


Bomb: Can blow up an (SMB2)






Bull Cap: Gives you the power to charge into enemies and an extra hit (SML3, WLVB)

Dragon Cap: Spouts fire from its front, and gives you an extra hit (SML3, WLVB)

Invisibility Cap: Allows you to go through some walls for a short time (SM64)

Metal Cap: Slows you down and gives you invincibility for a short time (SM64)

Rocket Cap: Allows you to fly for a short time and gives you an extra hit (SML3)

Wing Cap: Allows you to fly for a short time (SM64)


Carrot: Gives you rabbit ears to let you float and gives you an extra hit (SML2)

Cherry: Many of these in one level gives you a star (SMB2)



Blue Coin: Worth 5 regular coins (SM64)

Coin: Gives you one coin (usually 100 to a 1-up) (MB+)

Dragon Coin: 5 in a level gives you a 1-up (SMW)

Grey Coin: Gives you multiple points, and 1-ups for each one in a row you get.

Red Coin: Gives you 2 coins (8 to a star) (SM64) or one of 20 in each level (YI)








Feather: Gives you a cape which allows flight and gives you an extra hit (SMW)

Fire Flower: Lets you shoot fireballs, which can destroy enemies, and gives you an extra hit (SMB,


Frog suit: Lets you swim around moire easily, but only hop on land and gives you an extra hit





Garlic: Transforms you from small Wario to hard hat Wario (SML3)

Grey P-switch: Changes all enemies to grey coins for a short time (SMW)




Hammer: Breaks a rock on the map screen (SMB3)

Hammer Suit: Puts you in a fireproof suit that can shoot hammers and gives you an extra hit.


Heart: 100 gives you a 1-up (one heart gives you 10) (SMB2)






Jugem's Cloud: Allows you to skip a level of your choice (SMB3)




Key: Opens doors or secret passages to other levels. (SMB2, SMW, YI)

Kuribo's Shoe: Gives you super jumping ability and allows you to step on spiky enemies. (SMB3)






Magnifying Glass: Shows you which coins in the level are red coins (YI)



1-up Mushroom: Gives you a 1-up (SMB+ [-SML])

Mushroom Block: Used as a weapon on enemies or stack them up as platforms (SMB2)

Poison Mushroom: Reduces you to regular Mario or kills you (SMB2 (jap))

Subspace Mushroom: Gives you one more section on your power meter and fills it. (SMB2)

Super Mushroom: turns you from regular Mario to Super Mario and gives you an extra hit.

(SMB+ [-SML3, YI, SM64])


Music Box: Puts all the Hammer Bros. on the map to sleep (SMB3)








P-switch: Converts all the levels blocks to coins for a short time (SMB3+)

P-wing: Allows for continuous flight without charging up by running (SMB3)

Potion: Creates a door to subspace (SMB2)

POW Block: Destorys all the enemies on screen (MB, SMB2, YI)

Power Star: Certain doors need any u=number of these to open (120 in all) (SM64)






Rocket: Rockets you up to a higher section, then explodes(SMB2)




Shell: Glides along the ground destroying enemies. Can be riden on (SMB2, SM64)

Sky Pop: Airplane you can ride through the sky. Includes unlimited projectiles (SML)

Starman: Gives temporary invincibility (SMB+ [-SM64])

Stopwatch: Stops every enemy for a short time. Appears after 6 ripened vegetables. (SMB2)

Sub Pop: Submarine you can ride through the water. Includes unlimited projectiles (SML)

Super Leaf: Gives you a raccoon tail and ears, lets you fly after a short run, and gives you an extra

hit. (SMB3)

Superball Flower: Allows you to shoot superballs, which can collect coins or destroy enemies





Tanooki Suit: Gives you the raccoon leaf's powers and allows you to transform into an invulnerable,

imovable statue (SMB3)






Vegetable: Can be thrown at enemies as a weapon (SMB2)




Warp Whistle: Takes you to World 9, from which you can go to other worlds. (SMB3)

Watermelons (YI)


Blue Watermelon: Lets you spit ice for a short time

Green Watermelon: Lets you spit seeds for a short time

Red watermelon: Lets you spit fire for a short time


Winged Cloud Maker: Changes all enemies on screen into winged clouds (YI)






Yoshi Wing's: Takes you and yoshi to a bonus level in the sky (SMW)