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Austin's Second Page!

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LinKo LinKo For all of you who don't know this is my second page. My first page can be located at:My First Page! This page is going to be updated regularly whereas my old page is finished. Hopefully, you'll like this page.


My First Page

Ghouls 'N' Ghosts Web Page

Mail the summer camp that I go to!

The Official Homepage Of The Starguard Wargame

This is the homepage of the makers of the Starguard game. This is a wargame.

An Explanation Of Role Playing Games

Diablo Clan (The Silver Flail)

My Mario Bros. Page

View My Massive List Of Links!

The Mage's Realm!

Clan MG

A list of a few amount of games i've made up

Yo-yo Tricks

Some Sounds From Monty Python And The Holy Grail


The Official Pudding Homepage
Austin's Message Board

Multi-player online strategy game.  No additional software needed!