Enemy List The SMRPG enemies have just come in. Add these to the Yoshi's Story enemy list and descriptions and we're close to having every enemy in the game up here and described. Each enemy is accompanied by the first game it appeared in, and some with a description. Because Yoshi's Island , Super Mario RPG and Yoshi's Story has so many enemies that first appeared in them, they have their own separate pages of enemies exclusively in those games. Eventually this page may also have the SML2-3 enemies.
Current Enemy Count: 481!
Originally in:
Super Mario Bros.: 18
Super Mario Bros. 2: 23
Super Mario Bros. 3: 34
Super Mario Land: 30
Super Mario World: 43
Yoshi's Island : 101!
Super Mario RPG: 161!
Yoshi's Story : 50
Super Mario 64: 21
Albatross: Flying Bird that sometimes brops bob-ombs on you. (SMB2)
Amp (SM64)
Ball 'n Chain: Revolving spiked mace tied to a four block long chain (SMW)
Banzai Bill: A huge bullet bill, two tiems taller than Mario(SMW)
Batadon: A winged stone statue. It tries to crush Mario as it flies. (SML)
Bony Beetle: Small white beetle that regenerates a few seconds after dying (SMW)
Buster Beetle: Small black shelled beetle that throws blocks at you (SMB3)
Buzzy Beetle: Invulneable to fire. Turns to a shell when killed. (SMB)
Para-beetle Flying red shelled beetle that you can ride on(SMB3)
Beezo: Flying shyguy masked bee type things. Some swoop, others move straight (SMB2)
Birdo: boss of most SMB2 levels. Shoots eggs or fire. Three hits kills her (SMB2)
Blargg: Lava monster in the caverns of SMW, usually on bone rafts (SMW)
Blokinton: The boss of the Chai Kingdom. Because of his shyness, he constantly hides in a cloud.
Up to now nobody has ever seen what he looks like. You can defeat him with 20 missiles. (SML)
Blooper: White octopus-like creature that chases you around the water or the air (SMB)
Bob-omb: Small black bomb that explodes after a few seconds (SMB2)
Bookend: Flying book come to life with sharp teeth (SM64)
Boo Buddies: Ghosts that shy away from your gaze
Big Blue Boo: A huge blue boo buddy.(SMW)
Big Boo: A huge boo buddy, usually a boss. Three hits and it's dead (SMW)
Block Buddy: Boo buddies that turn to platforms when you look at them (SMW)
Boo Buddy: Regular ghost that floats and stops when you look at it (SMB3)
Eerie: Sleep floating boo buddy that never alters it's course (SMW)
Fishing Boo: Ghost floating in a cloud with a blue fireball on a fishing pole (SMW)
Stretch:Long white block with boo buddies heads popping out (SMW)
Boom-Boom: Boss of the SMB3 fortresses and other levels. Three hits kills it. (SMB3)
Bowser: King of the Koopas, final boss of many Mario games. (SMB)
Bub & Bubba (SM64)
Bullet Bill: Bullet shot from a cannon at Mario (SMB)
Bunbun: Bunbun flies around in the sky dropping arrows. (SML)
Chainsaw: A sharp saw that whirs along a set path (SMW)
Chain Chomp: A black, sharp toothnig ball that trys to bite at you from it's chained position (SMB3)
Cheep Cheeps: :Fish
Baby Cheep: Tiny cheep cheep that comes from Big Bertha's mouth (SMB3)
Blurp: (SMW)
Big Bertha: Huge cheep cheep that can swallow you whole (SMB3)
Cheep Cheep: Fish that either swims around water or leaps out of water at you (SMB)
Fish Bone: skeleton fish that never change paths. Can go through walls (SMW)
Giant Cheep Cheep: Found in World 4, a huge cheep cheep (SMB3)
Porcupuffer: A huge, spiny cheep cheep that skims the surface of the water for Mario (SMW)
Rip Van Fish: A fast moving, sleeping fish, awakened when Mario comes near(SMW)
Spiny Cheep Cheep: A spiny backed cheep-cheep (SMW)
Chibibo: A timid mushroom that toddles along the ground. (SML)
Chicken: A chicken! (SML)
Chikako: A war bird kept by Tatanga, Chicken meanders and glides towards Mario. One missile
will defeat it (SML)
Chuckya (SM64)
Clawgrip: Crab boss of SMB2 levels. Throws rocks (SMB2)
Cobrat: Snake found mostly in SMB2 desert levels. Can spit snifit bullets (SMB2)
Dino Rhino: Large rhinocerous that turns to fire breathing baby rhino when bopped (SMW)
Dragonzamasu: The boss of the Muda Kingdom, Dragonzamasu is protected by Tamao. It moves
up and down and spits out fire. Mario can defeat it with 20 torpedoes. (SML)
Fire Bar:A ring of small fireballs rotating around a block. Usually in dungeons (SMB)
Fire Chomp: A floating chain-chomp with a tail of fire (SMB3)
Fire Snake: A bouncing line of one big and a few little fireballs (SMB3)
Flurry: A snowy white little ball of fluff found it ice levels (SMB2)
Fly: This blood-sucking fly is always flying around. You can defeat it down by jumping on it. (SML)
Flyguy (SM64)
Fryguy: Fiery boss of SMB2 levels, throws fireballs. (SMB2)
Fwoosh (SM64)
Gachan: Rocks that fall suddenly from the sky. They are terrible if they hit and squash you, but useful
because you can jump on one and let it take you for a ride. Ganchans can't be beaten. (SML)
Gao: This stiff-bodied creature doesn't move. But it spits out fireballs aimed at Mario. (SML)
Gira: Gira is a missile that takes of straight from a launch pad. Mario can defeat it by stepping on it.(SML)
Grinder: A rotating blade that slides along platforms (SMW)
Grand Goomba: Large Goomba found in World 4 of SMB3 (SMB3)
Goomba: Regular walking brown guy. A basic enemy. (SMB)
Goomba-in-a-block:A micro-goomba in a block that leaps at Mario (SMB3)
Goomba in a bubble: A goomba trapped in a bubble that can be popped by MArio (SMW)
Kuribo's Goomba: A Goomba in a Kuribo's shoe (SMB3)
Micro-goomba: A tiny, 8x8 pixel goomba. Usually with other goombas (SMB3)
Para-goomba: A hopping goomba with wings (SMB3)
Para(chute) goomba: A goomba that floats downward on a parachute (SMW)
Gunion: The Gunion shakes up and down in the water. Take care because if you hit it with 2
torpedoes, it splits into two and attacks. (SML)
Hammer Brothers : Large, mutant Koopa Troopas
Boomerang Bros.: Hammer Bros. that fire boomerangs(SMB3)
Fire Bros.: Hammer Bros. that spits fire from their mouths (SMB3)
Flying Hammer Bros.: Large hammer bros. on a flying platform that throw hammers. (SMW)
Hammer Bros.: Regular hammer bris that throw hammers (SMB)
Sledge Bros.: Huge hammer bros whose stomp stops Mario in his tracks. (SMB3)
Heave-ho (SM64)
Hiyoihoi: The boss of the Easton Kingdom, Hiyoihoi evolved from a Tokotoko. It comes at Mario,
throwing Ganchans, so mind you don't get crushed. Jumping on Hiyoihoi won't defeat it but 10
superballs will do the trick. (SML)
Honen: The skeleton of a Torion after it's been eaten by Tatanga. It always flies up vertically from
the water. A superball can't stop it. (SML)
Hoopster: Small red and black circle that climbs vines (SMB2)
Hot foot: A candle flame that chases Mario (SMB3)
Jelectro: Unmoving, electric jellyfish found in the water (SMB3)
King Totomesu: The boss of the Birabuto Kingdom. It jumps up and down spitting out fire. You
can't defeat it by jumping on it. Use 5 superballs. (SML)
Klepto (SM64)
Koopa Kids : The seven sons of Bowser, each a boss of a World (SMB3)
Larry Koopa: The youngest Koopa Kid
Morton Koopa Jr.: The one with the black & white split face
Wendy Koopa: The only female Koopa Kid
Iggy Koopa: The wierd one.
Roy Koopa: Bully Koopa Kid with sunglasses
Lemmy Koopa: Crazy, circus Koopa
Ludwig von Koopa: The genius of the family
Koopa Troopa's : Turtles that walk back and forth
Blue Koopa Troopa (SMW)
Giant Green Koopa Troopa (SMB3)
Giant Green Koopa Paratroopa (SMB3)
Giant Red Koopa Troopa (SMB3)
Green Koopa Paratroopa (SMB): Hopping or floating Koopa troopa with wings
Green Koopa Troopa (SMB): Regular turtle, with MANY colored and super-sized cousins.
Turns to shell when jumped on.
Koopa without a shell (SMW): A small turtle that can't hurt you unless it climbs into it's shell again Magikoopa: A koopa in a blue cloak that shoots magical blasts that turn blocks to enemies (SMW) Mechakoopa: A mechanical, wind up koopa troopa (SMW) Red Koopa Paratroopa (SMB) Red Koopa Troopa (SMB) Super Koopa (SMW): Koopa with no shell that flies a la superman. Flashing caped ones give feathers. Yellow Koopa Troopa (SMW) Kumo: This spider-like creature attacks Mario by jumping on him. (SML) L Lakitu Fishing Lakitu: Lakitu that doesn't chuck spinies unless you take the 1-up on his fishing pole. (SMW) Lakitu: A floating Koopa in a cloud that throws spiny's or spiny shells. (SMB) Lakitu in a pipe: A lakitu that throws spiny's fro ma pipe (SMW) M Mad Piano: A grand piano coem to life that can bite Mario (SM64) Mega mole: A huge black glassed mole (SMW) Mekabon: A robot that attacks Mario with its head. It can be beaten by jumping on its head. (SML) Mini-blooper: A small baby blooper that follows a nanny blooper (SMB3) Mini-dino: Small rhinocerous that breathes fire (SMW) Missle Bill: A Bullet Bill that changes direction to follow you. Colored red. (SMB3) Money Bags (SM64) Monty Mole: A small mole that diggs from a hill or the ground and chases Mario (SMW) Mouser: Huge, bomb laying mouse boss in SMB2 (SMB2) Mr. I: A rotating eye that shoots fire at you. (SM64) Mr. Blizzard: Snowman come to life that throws snowballs at you (SM64) N Ninji: Bouncing black ninjka star shaped enemy. (SMB2) Nokobon: A turtle with a bomb on its back. It explodes after you jump on it, so be sure to avoid contact. (SML) Nyololin: This creature moves around in a cowardly manner, and when it sees Mario it blows poison balls at him. (SML) O Ostro: See Birdo (SMB2) P Pakkun Flower: This man-eating plant grows out of pipes. Watch out because it sticks it head up quickly. You can't step on it from above. (SML) Para(chute) bob-omb: A bob-omb that floats from the sky on a parachute(SMW) Phanto: a floating mask that follows Mario through walls when he has a key (SMB2) Pidget: A small, black bird that floats on a magic carpet (SMB2) Pionpi: Hopping about and persistently dogging Mario, no matter how many times you jump on Pionpi, he keeps coming back to life. But you can defeat him with a superball. (SML) Pokey: Tall cactus made up of 4 separate, brakable sections (SMB2) Pirahna Plants Fire-breathing Plant: A priahna plant that sshoots fire (SMB3) Giant Pirhna Plant: Huge pirahna plant found in World 4 of SMB3 (SMB3) Green Pirahna Plant: regular, spikey mouthed plant that usually comes from pipes (SMB) Jumping Pirahna Plant: Pirahna that jumps from pipes (SMW) Lava Lotus: Clear, gelatin like, underwater plant that shoots 5 fireballs (SMW) Muncher: Small, black, unmoving chompers (SMB3) Nipper Plant: Small white munches that can move and leap at Mario(SMB3) Ptooie Plant: A walking Pirahna Plant that shoots a spiked ball up and down (SMB3) Red Pirahna Plant: A pirhana plant that doesn't shrink into it's pipe when your next to it.(SMB2(j)) Volcano Plant: Large, annoying, movable plant that shoots 4 fireballs (SMW) Podobo: A fireball that shoots from the lava in dungeons (SMB) Pompon Flower: While walking around, this flower scatters poisonous pollen into the air. (SML) Porcupo: a small purple porcupine that can't be riden. (SMB2) Q R Rex: A large blue dinosaur that gets squashed when you jump on it. (SMW) Reznor: 4 large, triceratops that end the fortresses of SMW (SMW) Rocky Rench: A small rodent that pops from holes and throws renches.(SMB3) Roketon: An attack plane piloted by Tatanga's soldier guards. It fires cannonballs at the Sky Pop. You can destroy it with a single missile. (SML) Roto-disk: a red glowing disk that rotates around a block (SMB) S Scuttlebug (SM64) Shyguys : Small robed enemies that wear masks (SMB2) Blue Shyguy Red Shyguy Skeeter (SM64) Snifits :Shyguys that shoot small bulelts from their nose (SMB2) Grey Snifit Pink Snifit Red Snifit Snufit (SM64) Sparkster: A small, black, glowing spark that runs along the ground in SMB2(SMB2) Spike: (SMW) Spike Top: A red koopa troopa with a single spike atop. (SMW) Spindel & Grindel (SM64) SpinDrift (SM64) Spiny: small koopa troopa with spikes on it's back (SMB) Spiny egg: thrown by Lakitu. Turn to spinies when they hit the ground (SMB) Sushi (SM64) Suu: This cave dwelling spider descends silently from above when Mario approaches. (SML) Swoop (SM64) T Tamao: This indestructible life form lives in Dragonzamasu's room to guard his boss. (SML) Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman: The final boss of SML. An alien in a spaceship (SML) Thwimp: Small, leaping thomp that tries to crush Mario (SMW) Thwomp: Large cinder block that tries to crush Mario when he runs by. (SMB3) Triclyde: A three-headed snake boss of SMB2. Shoots fire balls (SMB2) Torpedo Ted: Long, black torpedo found in Soda Lake (SMW) Tokotoko: A stone statue that energetically shakes it's fists as it runs around. (SML) Torion: These man-eating fish always swim in groups of three. You can defeat them with a single torpedo. (SML) Tox Box (SM64) Trouter: A leaping red fish (SMB2) Tweeter: A bouncing, masked bird that hops alogn the ground (SMB2) U Unagi (SM64) Upside-down Pakkun: A pakkun flower that comes down from above. Take care that it doesn't bite Mario's head. Urchin (SMW) V W Wart: Final boss of SMB2. Shoots bubbles from his mouth. Hates veggies. (SMB2) Wiggler: Long caterpillar that gets mad when you stomp it. (SMW) X Y Yurarin: This underling of Dragonzamasu lives in the water and trembles as it swims along. 2 torpedoes will defeat it (SML) Yurarin Boo: This is the big brother of Yurarin. It moves up and down spitting out fireballs, and a superball has no effect on it. (SML) Z
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