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Once there was a fair search engine named Alta Vista. I was searching for a roleplaying game...wait, first I should tell you how I learned of a roleplaying game. I lived in Maryland and I was over at my friend Ryan's who lives in the same neighborhood as I do. I noticed in his big brother Jamie's room that it was decorated with dragon and wizard posters, figurines, etc. Another thing I spotted on the floor... a big box that said "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" on it and I asked what it was. Jamie said it was a roleplaying game. So of course I ask, "What's a roleplaying game?" and he tried to explain it to me but I didn't quite understand, but one thing I understood was, it uses your imagination. I went berserk after he said that. At school I always dreamed of being a brave knight and go on advenrturous quests; basically, I am full of imagination. I loved the fantasy setting and I have many of J.R.R. Tolkeins books. I asked if we could play it, but, since I was allot younger, he assumed it would be too complicated for me so he simply said "Its too advanced." Of course I was disappointed but it wasnt going to end there. I was hooked. So I went to this way cool hobby shop and asked for a roleplaying game. There was a humongous isle on them. I was trying to decide which one I should buy. Well, I looked around a little and saw one entitled "Robotech." So I decided to try it out. I bought it, took it home, then realized its bulk size. But at that point it didnt seem to matter to me. I sat reading it for a few hours and realized I didnt understand a word it meant. So I was extremely sorrowful and sad. I complained to my mom a million times but she said there wasnt anything she could do about it. So now I was in search of a more simplistic roleplaying game. I searched day and night, night and day. Found nothing. Then I searched on the internet on a search engine entitled Alta Vista and searched for "Easy To Learn Roleplaying Games." Of course it just gave me all these normal RPG pages but I found one called "Tunnels & Trolls." It led me to the company (Flying Buffalo)'s homepage and I tried out the solo adventure. This was awesome! I thought. I actually understand this. So I persuaded my mom into getting me it and here I am now! (Oh, and I have to mention I also got Advanced Dungeons & Dragons). So thats my up-to-date story and I think Im gonna stick with it my whole life! IM OBSESSED!

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